Imprinted VOC period  

                                      (From 1602 till 18??)  

                                         (for explanation see text)



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Srs, St = Stuivers (nickels) = 5 cent (0.05 G)

Rd = Rijksdaalder (Rix-dollar) = 2,50 Dutch Guilder


A red asterisk *  means that this revenue is not in my collection.


A famous revenue Publicist : John Barefoot wrote me:

The VOC mainly operated in Java, Sumatra and some other bases in India, Neth Indies/Celebes, and one in Japan.

For the period 1602-1800 a letter in some seals indicates the location:


C = Cap of Good Hope = NOT  Netherlands Indies, but South Africa

S = Souratte = NOT Netherlands Indies, but  a city at the west coast of India


Netherlands India:

A = Amboina

M = Makassar

T = Ternate

MD = Menado

and those without a code letter must be assumed to be Java (where most revenues were used) unless the document mentions any other place.


In 1800 the VOC financially failed, but was taken over by the Dutch State (Kingdom of Batavia) and the existing revenue marks continued in use still with the old VOC emblem.

From 1811 the English began to control some of the Dutch trading stations in the East Indies and used a "G" mark for Java, or other English-language marks.




6 stuivers 1788 in document 



I am not sure if this are postal or fiscal seals: 

VOC 1808 R 2 

Rd 2 (=2 x 2,50 = 5 Guilder) in document 1808. see below:

VOC R 2 


VOC 1808 R 4  

Rd 4 (=4 x 2,50 = 10 Guilder) in document, see below:

VOC 1808 R 4 document 


VOC 1808 R 5  

Rd 5 (=5 x 2,50 = 12,50 Guilder) in fragment 1808, see below:

VOC R 5 1808 


VOC 1808 Rd 8 

Rd 8 (= 8 x 2,50 = 20 guilder) in document 1808, see below:

VOC 1808 Rd 8 document 

Document October 1st 1808 



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